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Ready Made Parcels are designed for households who can’t take pallets in bulk.
Many of our Toilet Roll & Kitchen Rolls have parcels options, so keep an eye out!


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Welcome to Uni Bulk Buy. Here you will find hundreds of deals that will guarantee savings to your home or business.

Desna Professional Paper Disposables

Uni Bulk Buy offer a huge range of Desna Professional Paper disposable products including Conventional Toilet Rolls for home or your workplace. In addition, we offer a wide range of cleaning products suitable for everyone. Contract Cleaners, household use, schools, stadiums, offices, care homes, pretty much anyone who like a clean environment.

Products include Toilet Cleaners, All-purpose cleaners, catering chemicals include Dishwash Liquids, Rinse Aid, Kitchen Sanitisers, Bleach & Washing Up Liquids.

Evans Vanodine & Uni Bulk Buy Professional Cleaning Products

With huge support from Evans Vanodine, we are one of the UK’s largest distributors of industry known products. Evans offer 100% full support on products and their uses. We have Data sheets available upon request and How to Use sheets per product.

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