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320 Sheet Toilet Rolls Desna Eco 2ply White

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100% Recycled

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A 320 sheet toilet rolls, often referred to as an “extra-large” or “jumbo” toilet roll, offers several benefits that can be advantageous in certain settings. Here are some of the benefits of using a 320-sheet toilet roll:

  1. Longer Lasting: The primary advantage of a 320-sheet toilet roll is its extended lifespan. With more sheets per roll, it doesn’t need to be replaced as frequently as standard-sized rolls, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses and high-traffic facilities.
  2. Reduced Maintenance: In commercial or public washroom settings, having larger rolls means less frequent refilling, reducing the maintenance workload for janitorial staff.
  3. Economical: Larger rolls often have a lower cost per sheet compared to standard rolls. This can lead to cost savings over time, especially in places where toilet paper consumption is high.
  4. Convenience: The larger sheet count means users don’t have to change the roll as often in their homes, providing convenience and reducing the need to keep extra rolls on hand.
  5. Environmental Impact: While larger rolls can reduce packaging waste (as fewer rolls are required), it’s important to consider the environmental impact. Some people argue that using fewer, larger rolls may lead to less overall paper waste and fewer plastic wrappers, which can be more eco-friendly. Desna Eco 320 sheet  is a 100% recycled product.
  6. Space Saving: In commercial washrooms with limited space, using jumbo rolls can reduce the need for additional storage space for spare rolls.
  7. Reduced Risk of Running Out: In high-traffic areas, larger rolls are less likely to run out quickly, reducing the risk of inconvenience for users.
  8. Hygiene: The design of jumbo 320 sheet toilet rolls can minimize the need for users to touch the dispenser, promoting hygiene in public restrooms.

It’s important to note that while there are benefits to using larger rolls, they may not be suitable for all settings. Some smaller home bathrooms may not have enough space to accommodate jumbo roll dispensers, and individual preferences for toilet paper size can vary. Additionally, the environmental impact should be considered, as larger rolls may contain more paper and require more resources for production and transportation.

In summary, a 320 sheet toilet roll, or jumbo roll, offers the advantages of reduced maintenance, cost savings, and convenience in high-traffic areas. However, the suitability of such rolls depends on the specific needs and preferences of the users and the environmental considerations of the facility.

Desna Eco is part our our Desna Professioanl Products range of disposable paper products.

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