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Save Time

Quick and easy shopping process to offer more revision and fun time!

Save Money

Huge savings available with or without using our Discount Codes. See Codes now!

Buy Smart

Don’t be wasting too much money or time at your local expensive corner shop!

Buy Bulk

The more you buy the better the value with our Bulk Buy options.

About Uni Bulk Buy

Uni Bulk Buy was established in 2015 as way of making life easier for students. Day to day chores of having to pause valuable study time to have to pop out to the shop for Toilet Rolls or Shower gel was a regular topic of conversation at Uni so Uni Bulk was developed to help those with little time to spare. Offering a fast delivery service was of utmost importance and the idea of a delivery direct to a students door was perfect. Once we got the pricing right and the product range to suit what students wanted most then we were ready to rock & roll!!

So stop the shop for mundane household items.
Never be caught short again because your housemate has used the very last toilet roll.

Buy all your boring, everyday essentials in one place, at one time, and have them delivered to your door, cheaper than any supermarket.
Loo roll, kitchen roll, dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, laundry powder, bin bags, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, body wash & general household cleaning products along with super fast delivery!

At Uni Bulk Buy we offer larger quantities than any high street shop or supermarket – so they last you longer and save you money meaning if your organised then you dont have to nip up to the shop and pay over the odds for bog roll!

Don’t settle for going to the shop every few days to buy another tiny pack of 4 toilet rolls which will be gone within a few days. Buy Bulk!

Don’t argue with your housemates anymore over who’s turn it is to buy more washing up liquid, all put in together to bring your costs down.
Delivery to your door

Wit our 1st Class delivery service we offer delivery direct to your door. Whether your at home or in student digs, just tell us where you want your delivery an we’ll send it!
You can even send your loved one a household welcome pack direct to them??

Free Shipping

We offer Free shipping with minimum orders needed so stock up and save more money on carrriage charges.

Save Money

Save money with our bulk buying options. #if you order 1 case you get a good deal but if you order multiple cases then your costs reduce dramatically. Check out our multiple case options!

Save Hassle

Save hassle on having to go to the local shop to get a twin or 4 pack of toilet rolls. Buy in Bulk cases at wholesale prices and don’t worry about running out when you need them most!

Save Time

We understand that your time is valuable at Universaty or College so it makes perfect sense to stock up. Stocking up on your Household essentials like toilet rolls and kitchen rolls means that you dont have to keep popping saving valuable revision time!

The Essentials Bundle

A perfect welcome pack of Toilet & Kitchen Rolls

about our Perfect welcome pack

The Best Selling Bundle

108 Soooo Soft Toilet Rolls 2ply White

about The Best Selling Bundle

The Kitchen Starter Pack

Kitchen Essentials to start you off!

about our Kitchen essentials for students

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