Bespoke Bundle offers are tried and tested household cleaning packs. We have trialed many variants with this bespoke option and the sales speak for themselves. The best selling bundle in this category is by far our 108 Soooo Soft Toilet Rolls Closely followed by our Essentials Bundle. 
Students Opinion
We asked a many students about what they would like to see in a bespoke bundle suitable for each household and the majority all included the obvious. Toilet Rolls and Kitchen Rolls being the most popular choice, washing up liquid was also a priority although some students said their accomodation included a dishwashing machine so we though we would offer a bundle to suit and included Dishwash Tablets to our range, Catering Foil and Cling Film was also mentioned but not a popular option as students commented that they have no need to store much food as they eat what they cook and leave very little waste..

If you don’t see a bundle suitable for you then please get in touch and tell us what you need!