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Best Sellers at Uni Bulk Buy

With such a wide range of buying options available we thought we would list our top 6 Best Sellers so you can see what other households are buying, to make it easier and to know that others have done the maths and cost saving exercise so you can be sure your getting a great deal for you and your housemates.


#1. The Best seller of all time has to be our 108 Case of Sooo Soft Toilet Rolls from our Multiple Case best sellers at uni bulk buyrange. With 200 sheets per roll and 108 toilet rolls per bundle thats 21600 sheets that should suffice!

#2. Our second Best Seller is our Kitchen Roll and Toilet Rolls Bundle offering 24 Kitchen Rolls and 54 Toilet Rolls. A great bundle if your stuck for space.

#3. 3rd place goes to our Essentials Bundle with 4 products including 54 Toilet Rolls, 24 Kitchen Rolls, 200 Bin Bags and 12 bottles of Washing Up Liquid. This is a perfect basic welcome pack for any household.

#4. If you like a little luxury then we have a 3ply Toilet Roll bundle. 166  sheets per 3ply roll and 90 rolls per bundle works out at a whopping 14940 sheets of the good stuff!

#5. Offering the same toilet rolls as our Best Seller this bundle has double the amount so if youve the storage space in your household then this is a better deal.

#6. Last but not least we have our 6th best seller, 48 rolls of 2ply Kitchen Towels. Soak up those spills and wipe away your mess with this Bulk Buy Bundle.

To sum up, we have many options for sale at Uni Bulk buy, above are our best sellers based on the last 6 months. We know as much as you do that everyone is different and has their own preferences when it comes to the quality of Toilet Rolls and the recycled v pure tissue issue, which is the softest, is 3ply better valus than 2ply because you get more sheets per roll. So we’ll leave that for you to decide but we are glad we have all the options covered for you to make up your own mind.


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