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Best Sellers from Uni Bulk Buy are listed here from single case toilet rolls to multiple toilet roll and kitchen roll bundles. Here you will find our best deals and most popular Household packs or Toilet Rolls & Kitchen rolls. As more and more sales go through Uni Bulk Buy, Best Sellers change but as from today 16th Feb 2017 our Best selling item is by far our 90 case Soooo Soft Toilet roll bundle. Check this out for yourself and don’t forget to add your Discount Code at checkout for a further saving.
Time served
Uni Bulk Buy has been around now for nearly 5 years now so with plenty of time served experience we know what sells and with feedback form students and households in general we actively promote our Best Sellers. With many sales on various options over the past year we have found that our best seller by far is Soooo Soft 2ply Toilet rolls 108 rolls with over 2000 sales in the past 2 years.