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Bulk Fill Soap Bulk Dispenser 1ltr

Perfect for Hand Sanitiser or any 5ltr Bulk Fill.

  • Ocean Blue 5ltr
  • Orchard Fresh 5ltr
  • Luxury Silk 5ltr
  • Pink Pearl 5ltr
  • Handsan 5ltr
Desna Lillie 2ply Toilet Rolls
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A bulk fill soap dispenser is a type of soap dispenser designed to hold and dispense liquid soap in large quantities, reducing the need for frequent refills. The basic operation of a bulk fill soap dispenser involves a reservoir or container for holding a bulk supply of liquid soap and a dispensing mechanism.

Here’s a general overview of how a bulk fill soap dispenser typically works:

  1. Reservoir or Container: The dispenser has a large reservoir or container that can hold a significant amount of liquid soap. This is usually a refillable container that can be filled with a bulk supply of soap.
  2. Dispensing Mechanism: The dispensing mechanism is responsible for releasing a controlled amount of soap when activated. There are different types of dispensing mechanisms, and they can include pump systems, sensor-based systems, or manual dispensers.
    • Pump Systems: Some bulk fill dispensers use a pump mechanism. When you press down on the pump, it draws soap from the reservoir and dispenses it.
    • Sensor-Based Systems: In sensor-based systems, there is usually an infrared sensor that detects the presence of hands or objects. When the sensor is triggered, it activates the dispensing mechanism to release a predetermined amount of soap.
    • Manual Dispensers: Manual dispensers may require the user to press a button or lever to release soap.
  3. Refilling: Periodically, the reservoir needs to be refilled with soap. This is typically done by opening a refill port or lid on the dispenser and pouring in the liquid soap. Some dispensers may have a window or indicator to show how much soap is remaining in the reservoir.
  4. Maintenance: Regular maintenance may be required to clean and ensure the proper functioning of the dispenser. This can include cleaning the pump mechanism, replacing batteries (if it’s a sensor-based dispenser), and keeping the dispenser and surrounding area clean.

Bulk fill soap dispensers are commonly used in commercial settings such as restaurants, offices, and healthcare facilities where a large volume of soap is needed, and frequent refilling would be impractical. They offer convenience and efficiency by reducing the frequency of soap refills compared to smaller, manual dispensers.

North Shore Cartridge Fill Soap Dispensers from Bay West. An alternative to Bulk Fill Soap Bulk Dispenser.

For a more cost effective Soap system we would always recommend North Shore dose control cartridge fill dispensers.

  • Constructed  in ABS plastic in a contemporary “SILK TOUCH”  Satin White/Graphite finish.
  • Interchangeable metallic HALO viewing window.
  • Available in EIGHT different colours and tints
  • SPIRIT LEVEL Integrated on the backplate to aid installation.
  • Translucent pump with marine grade stainless steel spring.
  • Capacity – 1000ml reservoir with 1ml Pump .
  • Key operated access with easily distinguishable key.
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