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Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue Dispenser

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A bulk pack toilet tissue dispenser is a type of dispenser used in washrooms to provide a continuous supply of toilet tissue. It is designed to hold a large quantity of toilet tissue in a compact space, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. Here’s a general overview of how a bulk pack toilet tissue dispenser typically works:

  1. Container or Enclosure:
    • The dispenser usually consists of a sturdy container or enclosure that holds a bulk quantity of toilet tissue. This container is designed to protect the tissue from contamination and to keep it in a neat and organised manner.
  2. Multiple Sheets Per Dispense:
    • Bulk pack toilet tissue dispensers typically dispense multiple sheets of toilet tissue at a time. The user can pull out a section of tissue, and the dispenser is designed to tear or separate the sheets from the roll.
  3. Manual Dispensing:
    • Most bulk pack dispensers operate manually. The user accesses the toilet tissue by pulling it from the dispenser. There might be a tear-off mechanism or serrated edge that allows the user to tear off the desired amount easily.
  4. Refilling:
    • Refilling the dispenser involves opening the dispenser, removing the empty or near-empty roll, and replacing it with a new bulk pack of toilet tissue. The replacement process may vary depending on the specific design of the dispenser.
  5. Visibility of Remaining Tissue:
    • Some bulk pack toilet tissue dispensers have a transparent or translucent window that allows users and maintenance staff to see how much tissue is remaining inside. This feature helps in planning timely refills.
  6. Locking Mechanism:
    • Many dispensers come with a locking mechanism to prevent tampering or theft of the toilet tissue. This is especially important in public spaces to ensure a continuous and secure supply.
  7. Wall Mounting:
    • Bulk pack toilet tissue dispensers are often designed to be wall-mounted for easy access and to save floor space. They may come with mounting brackets or hardware for secure installation.

These dispensers are commonly used in commercial and public restroom facilities, including offices, schools, hotels, and other high-traffic areas. Their design helps in reducing maintenance needs by holding a significant amount of toilet tissue, and they are convenient for users due to the less frequent need for refilling.

  • Constructed  in ABS plastic in a contemporary “SILK TOUCH”  Satin White/Graphite finish.
  • Interchangeable metallic HALO viewing window.
  • Available in EIGHT different colours and tints
  • SPIRIT LEVEL Integrated on the backplate to aid installation.
  • Key operated access with easily distinguishable key.
Weight 1 kg
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