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Centrefeed Dispenser Plastic

Suitable for all centrefeed wiping rolls with a removable core.

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A centrefeed dispenser for Center-feed wiping rolls is a wall mounted device designed to dispense rolls of perforated paper rolls commonly known as centrefeed rolls. These dispensers are often used in various settings such as kitchens, workshops, and commercial restrooms. Here’s a general overview of how a plastic centrefeed dispenser typically works:

  1. Loading the Dispenser:
    • The dispenser is designed to accommodate a specific size of centrefeed roll. To load the dispenser, you typically need to open a compartment or lid, place the roll onto the flat base in the center of the dispenser, and thread the loose end of the paper through the dispensing outlet at teh bottom.
  2. Dispensing Mechanism:
    • The centrefeed dispenser is equipped with a mechanism to control the release of paper towels. The design may vary, but common types include:
      • Pull-and-Tear Mechanism: Users can typically pull down on the exposed end of the paper towel, and the dispenser is designed to allow for a smooth and controlled release.
  3. Transparent Window (Optional colours):
    • Some dispensers come with a transparent window or indicator to show the remaining amount of paper on the roll. This feature helps in timely refilling and maintenance.
  4. Locking Mechanism:
    • Our centrefeed dispensers are equipped with locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorised access, tampering, or theft of paper rolls.
  5. Wall Mounting (Optional):
    • Centrefeed dispensers are often designed for wall mounting to save counter or floor space. They may include mounting brackets or other hardware for secure installation.
  6. Refilling:
    • When the centrefeed roll is depleted, the dispenser needs to be refilled. This typically involves opening the dispenser, removing the empty roll, and replacing it with a new roll. The process may vary depending on the specific design of the dispenser.

Overall, centrefeed dispensers are convenient for providing a continuous supply of paper wiping rolls with removable cores, and their design aims to make it easy for users to access and use the towels while minimising waste.

Centrefeed Dispenser Plastic Specification:

  • Constructed  in ABS plastic in a contemporary “SILK TOUCH”  Satin White/Graphite finish.
  • Interchangeable metallic HALO viewing window.
  • Available in EIGHT different colours and tints
  • SPIRIT LEVEL Integrated on the backplate to aid installation.
  • Key operated access with easily distinguishable key.
  • Desna Products dispenser systems
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