Dispenser Toilet Rolls

Dispenser toilet rolls are a popular choice for commercial and public washroom facilities. These dispensers are designed to hold a variety of toilet rolls including mini jumbo toilet paper rolls, which are larger than standard rolls but smaller than jumbo rolls. Bulk Pack Interleaved Toilet Tissue. Here’s some information about mini jumbo and toilet roll for dispensers:

  1. Size and Capacity: Mini jumbo toilet roll dispensers are typically larger and have greater capacity compared to standard toilet roll dispensers. They can hold rolls with more paper, which means less frequent refilling is required.
  2. Hygiene: Many dispenser toilet rolls are designed to provide a hygienic and touch-free experience. Users can easily access the toilet paper without touching the dispenser, promoting cleanliness and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  3. Dispensing Mechanism: These dispensers often have a mechanism that controls the amount of toilet paper dispensed with each pull, which helps reduce waste and control costs. Bay West Orbit does exactly that with a brake system internal to the Orbit dispensers to house Ecosoft Toilet Rolls. Some use a manual lever or knob to dispense paper, while others may offer automatic or semi-automatic options.
  4. Material and Durability: Dispensers are typically made from durable materials such as ABS plastic or metal, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of high-traffic washroom environments.
  5. Visibility: Many dispensers have transparent windows or indicators to show when the looroll is running low, making it easier for maintenance staff to monitor and refill as needed.
  6. Installation: Dispenser Toilet Roll dispensers are mostly be wall-mounted.
  7. Key Locking: To prevent tampering and theft, dispensers come with key-locking mechanisms. Access to the roll is restricted to authorised personnel.
  8. Compatibility: It’s essential to choose a toilet roll dispenser that is compatible with the specific type and size of toilet paper rolls used in your facility. Mini jumbo rolls typically have a small or larger core diameter than standard rolls, so make sure the dispenser can accommodate them. Call 0151 342 2111 if you’re not sure.
  9. Refilling: Refilling dispenser toilet roll systems is relatively straightforward. Maintenance personnel can access the dispenser easily to replace empty rolls with new ones. We stocka a range of Desna Professional Dispensers suitable for all dispenser toilet rolls.

Dispensers toilet rolls are commonly used in public washrooms in commercial settings like offices, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, pubs and schools. They offer the advantage of fewer refills, better hygiene, and controlled paper usage, making them a practical choice for busy facilities.