E Dose Super Concentrates

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E Dose, Super Concentrates is a cost cutting solution for all users. These EC and E-Dose products are designed to provide effective cleaning while minimising waste and reducing the environmental impact. Super concentrated cleaning chemicals are highly concentrated formulas that can be diluted with water to create cleaning solutions, making them cost-effective and reducing the need for excessive packaging.

Key features and benefits of using our Evans Vanodine, E Dose, Super Concentrates are include:

  1. High Concentration: E Dose, Super Concentrated cleaning chemicals are highly concentrated, which means that a small amount of the product can be diluted with water to create a larger volume of cleaning solution. This makes them economical to use over time.
  2. Reduced Environmental Impact: Using super concentrated products can help reduce the environmental footprint associated with transportation and packaging, as less plastic, product and packaging material are required.
  3. Customisable Dilution: Users can adjust the dilution ratio based on the specific cleaning task, allowing for versatility in cleaning different surfaces and addressing various levels of dirt and grime. Each concentrate offers, in detail, the amout of required product per use.
  4. Cost Savings: Super concentrated cleaning chemicals can be cost-effective over the long term because a little product goes a long way. This can lead to savings in procurement and storage costs.
  5. Accurate Dispensing: Many super concentrated products are designed to be dispensed using specialised dilution control systems, ensuring that the correct dilution ratio is consistently achieved for effective cleaning. Our 1ltr EC range has a build in 10ml dilution cap for easy use.
  6. Product variation: Withing our range, we have All purpose cleaners for light or heavy duty cleaning. Our EC6 is a multi purpose cleaner that also cleanes glass. We have Sanitisers and degreasers, EC9 is a super concentrated Washroom cleaner. We also stock EC8 Concentrated Air freshener.

If you would like to get the most up-to-date information on our super concentrated cleaning chemicals and other cleaning solutions. Additionally, if you require Data sheets and how to use information, please get in touch.