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Evans HI-PHOS 1ltr Active Cleaner & Descaler

High Active Phosphoric Acid Washroom Toilet Cleaner & Descaler for Stainless Steel & Porcelain. Perfect for removing limescale.

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Evans HI-PHOS 1ltr Active Cleaner & Descaler – 1 litre is a concentrated, multi surface toilet and washroom cleaner. It removes limescale, body fat and heavy soiling. For porcelain, stainless steel, chrome, ceramic and quarry tiles… Especially effective in hard water areas.

How does an acidic toilet cleaner and descaler remove limescale?

Acidic toilet cleaners and descalers are formulated to effectively remove limescale and other mineral deposits from toilet surfaces. They achieve this through a chemical reaction between the acid in the cleaner and the limescale. Here’s a simplified explanation of how this process works:

  1. Acidic Content: Toilet cleaners and descalers typically contain acids like hydrochloric acid or citric acid. These acids have a low pH, which means they are capable of breaking down and dissolving mineral deposits.
  2. Chemical Reaction: When you apply the acidic cleaner to the limescale deposits in your toilet bowl, a chemical reaction occurs. The acid in the cleaner reacts with the calcium carbonate (the main component of limescale) in the deposits.
  3. Dissolution of Calcium Carbonate: The acid reacts with the calcium carbonate, breaking it down into its constituent parts, which are calcium ions (Ca²⁺), carbonate ions (CO₃²⁻), and water (H₂O). This reaction effectively dissolves the limescale and loosens it from the toilet surface.

The chemical equation for the reaction with hydrochloric acid (HCl) can be simplified as follows:

CaCO₃ (s) + 2HCl (aq) → CaCl₂ (aq) + CO₂ (g) + H₂O (l)

In this reaction, calcium carbonate (CaCO₃) reacts with hydrochloric acid (HCl) to form calcium chloride (CaCl₂), carbon dioxide gas (CO₂), and water (H₂O). The calcium chloride and the remaining water can be easily flushed away, leaving your toilet surface clean and free of limescale deposits.

Evans HI-PHOS 1ltr Limescale Remover & Descaler

It’s important to use Evans Hi-Phos 1ltr acidic toilet cleaners and descalers as directed on the product label, as these products can be corrosive and should be handled with care. Additionally, make sure to rinse the toilet thoroughly after using such cleaners to ensure that no residue is left behind, as prolonged exposure to acid can damage certain surfaces or components in the toilet.

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