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Jumbo Toilet Rolls Dispenser

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A jumbo toilet roll dispenser is a device designed to dispense large rolls of toilet paper in high-traffic washroom facilities. These dispensers are commonly used in commercial settings to reduce the frequency of refills. Here’s a general overview of how a jumbo toilet roll dispenser typically works:

  1. Loading the Dispenser:
    • The dispenser is designed to accommodate large rolls of toilet paper, commonly known as jumbo toilet rolls. To load the dispenser, you typically need to open a compartment or unlock a cover, then place the jumbo roll onto the spindle inside the dispenser.
  2. Dispensing Mechanism:
    • The dispensing mechanism in a jumbo toilet roll dispenser is often straightforward. It usually involves a simple axle or spindle that supports the roll and allows it to rotate freely. Some dispensers may have a tear-off mechanism that allows users to tear the paper at a perforation point..
  3. Transparent Window:
    • Some dispensers come with a transparent window or an indicator to show the remaining amount of toilet paper on the roll. This feature assists maintenance staff in planning timely refills.
  4. Locking Mechanism:
    • Many jumbo toilet roll dispensers are equipped with locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access, tampering, or theft of the toilet paper.
  5. Wall Mounting:
    • Jumbo toilet roll dispensers are designed for wall mounting to save floor space. They may include mounting brackets or other hardware for secure installation.
  6. Refilling:
    • When the jumbo roll is depleted, the dispenser needs to be refilled. This typically involves opening the dispenser, removing the empty roll, and replacing it with a new jumbo roll. The process may vary depending on the specific design of the dispenser.

Jumbo toilet roll dispensers are practical for high-traffic environments as they hold a larger quantity of toilet paper, reducing the need for frequent refills. Their design aims to provide a continuous and reliable supply of jumbo toilet paper while minimising maintenance efforts.

Jumbo Toilet Rolls Dispenser Products:

  • Constructed  in ABS plastic in a contemporary “SILK TOUCH”  Satin White/Graphite finish.
  • Interchangeable metallic HALO viewing window.
  • Available in EIGHT different colours and tints
  • SPIRIT LEVEL Integrated on the backplate to aid installation.
  • Holds –  1 X 12” MINI JUMBO ROLL  –  2 1/4” OR 3” CORE.
  • Key operated access with easily distinguishable key.
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