Kawfee Pot or Moka Coffee Pots as you may know them are a filtered coffee pots. We have a Limited Edition range of colours available including Pink, Green and Yellow. Relax and make that perfect filtered coffee to help keep you up until silly o’clock while your studying. At Uni Buk Buy we recommend you drink resposibly and not to drink too much Caffiene filtered coffee at late hours of the evening, that would be silly!!?? Anyway, we only have a small amount of these Limited Edition pots. Once they are gone thats it for the coloured range then back to boring Stainless steel which no-one seems to wants to buy for some reason? We’ve seen a few ways some recommend for using this Kawfee Pot. Feel free to tell us how you brew yours! We would suggest to make your Filtered Coffee this way: Boil Water, Fill the middle chambre (Basket) with loosly packed Lavazza Ground Coffee then fill the bottom chamber (Just below pressure hole) with boiling water, place the basket inside the bottom chamber tightly but not too tight as you wan to reuse this pot. Then place your Kawfee Pot on a low heat on your hob, tick tock, tick tock… Hang on, waiit until its finished, for thoses of you who havent done this before may mean you will leave the lid open while you watch as the coffee slows down and fills the top chamber approx 3/4 full. Wow, panic over, now you can sit and enjoy your Perfect filtered coffee! Or you can google how to make a moka coffee, it’s much more fun our way! DONT BE CARELESS AND BURN YOURSELF AS WE CANNOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY!