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Luxury Bundle is to include high end products with Brands and Non Branded items such as Andrex Toilet Rolls & Nicky Elite Toilet rolls, both of which are classed as Luxury Items to many. Luxury Kitchen Rolls to us would be Soooo Absorbent but to others Nicky Elite 3ply Kitchen towels are the better option. We have tried to offer multiple choices in our Luxury Bundle to suit everyone, as much as we know thats impossible! 🙂 Again, the more feedback we get the better the options shall be here so please let us know if you think we’re missing a trick here and if you want a few tweeks tell us! We don’t bite!! Supermarket Brands including Fairy Laundry Powders Fairy Washing Up Liquids and other supermarket brands will be included in this range. Beverage brands such as Nescafe & Lavazza, Tate & Lyle, Cadburys, we have a huge range of options so stock up now and enjoy!