Uni Bulk Buy & TOTUM

Uni Bulk Buy are proud to exclusively partner with TOTUM, the #1 student discount card which brings you over 200 UK student discounts and comes with 1 year FREE ISIC un-locking over 42,000 international discounts. TOTUM is For Students NOT for Profit, with revenue generated being fed directly back into key student initiatives in Students’ Unions’ across the country. Uni Bulk Buy are a key partner of TOTUM and deliver amazing savings on household products and cleaning products when purchased with an exclusive TOTUM discount.

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1, 2 and 3 year cards available – prices start from just £12


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Introducing TOTUM, Powered by NUS EXTRA

totum powered by nus extra

What does this mean for you?

  • The only change to the card is how it looks; in terms of functionality and the 18 digit card number that may have been used for redemption this is unchanged as is the photo ID on the ISIC reverse
  • New versions of the card as shown above will be in circulation from 20th August.
  • These changes do not currently effect the Apprentice extra product
  • Go to www.totum.com to get your card
  • See our flyer for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions About TOTUM

Why should I sign up to TOTUM

That’s the easy one! We would always advise you to sign up to TOTUM because it makes your savvy world even savvier. You get huge unique discounts from so many vendors including Uni Bulk Buy, Amazon, Boohoo etc. TOTUM always notify you of deals and discounts via Social Media, Direct Mailshots and of course, their TOTUM. So if you ‘re not sure what discounts are available, check out TOTUM online. Alternatively, you can always download the TOTUM APP!

How do i sign up?

You can head on over to TOTUM here or simply google it, it’s such a huge organisation you’ll find them on any search engine.

How do i get my discounts?

Once you have signed up you will have access to all totum powered by nus extrathe great savings available. You can find out more by clicking your TOTUM card image.
The fastest and easiest way to keep up to date with exclusive offes and discounts is to download the TOTUM APP, with so many offers available you won’t miss out this way.

What does it cost?

We know you’re not going to be a student forever so we have 3 options to choose from which may depend on how long you plan to stay at Uni. A 1 year card is only £12, a 2 year card is £22 or the best deal if you’re a long termer, a 3 year card for only £32. Most TOTUM discounts are online only so you can’t get them without your TOTUM card!

I have a card but its not working?

That’s not good news! Please head on over to TOTUM FAQ’s for a troubleshooting guide of how to solve all issues you may have with your card or account. If you can’t find a solution there then you need to contact them ASAP!

Do i need a TOTUM Card to buy at Uni Bulk Buy?

No you don’t, you can still purchase merrily at Uni Bulk Buy and still get a discount but we do offer Extra discounts and offers through your sign up with your TOTUM card, if you want a good deal then yes, feel free to shop as normal but if you want to have all the best deals and discount codes we’d recommend you do sign up.