Paper Hand Towels

Paper hand towels come in various fold styles, each offering unique advantages in terms of dispensing, hygiene, and aesthetics. Here are some common types of folds for paper hand towels:

  1. C-Fold Paper Hand Towel:
    • C-fold towels are named for their “C” shape when folded.
    • They are stacked on top of one another and are not interleaved, making it easy to pull out one towel at a time.
    • C-fold towels are often used in public washrooms and kitchens due to their cost-effectiveness and ease of dispensing.
    • C Fold paper hand Towels come in White, Blue or Green.
  2. Multi-Fold Paper Hand Towel:
    • Multi-fold towels are similar to C-fold towels but are folded into multiple sections, creating a compact stack.
    • They are also known as “Z-fold” or “Zigzag” towels.
    • These towels are suitable for high-traffic areas because they dispense one towel at a time, reducing waste and promoting hygiene.
  3. Single-Fold Paper Hand Towel:
    • Single-fold towels are folded once, creating a simple, rectangular shape.
    • They are commonly used in smaller restroom facilities or in situations where space is limited.
    • Single-fold towels are easy to stack and dispense.
    • Single Fold are often called I-Fold or Interfold.
  4. V-Fold Paper Hand towel:
    • V-fold towels are folded into a V-shape and are typically interleaved for easy dispensing. The same as Single Fold as there is just one fold per towel.
    • They are designed to reduce waste by dispensing one towel at a time.
    • V-fold towels are often found in hotels, restaurants, and upscale establishments due to their elegant appearance. A very popular product for Golf Clubs.
  5. Z-Fold Paper Hand Towels:
    • Z-fold towels are folded into a “Z” shape, similar to multi-fold towels.
    • They are compact and easy to handle, making them suitable for various settings.
    • Z-fold Paper Hand towels are favored for their convenience and cost-effectiveness.
  6. Interfolded Paper Hand towel:
    • Interfolded towels, also known as “interfold” or “interleaved” towels, are folded in a way that one towel partially overlaps the next.
    • This design facilitates easy, one-at-a-time dispensing and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.
    • Interfolded towels are often used in healthcare facilities and food service establishments.
  7. Center-Pull Paper Hand Towel & Wiper Roll:
    • As much as we don’t recommend Centrefeed wiping rolls as a Hand Towel, many users prefer it. Centre-pull rolls can ofter cost more due to the amount of waste.
    • Center-pull towels are typically wound on a core and dispensed from the center.
    • Users can easily grab a towel from the center without touching the entire roll, promoting hygiene.
    • Center-pull towels are common in industrial and commercial settings.
  8. Roll Towels Paper Hand towel:
    • Roll towels come on a continuous roll and can be perforated for individual use.
    • They are available in various lengths, making them versatile for different applications.
    • Roll towels are commonly found in kitchens, workshops, and high-traffic areas.
    • Try our North Shore Roll Towel Options for extra cost savings. North Shore and Bay West systems offer great cost in use savings.

The choice of paper hand towel fold style depends on factors such as the intended use, available space, dispensing method, preference and hygiene requirements. Each fold style has its own benefits, so businesses and institutions select the one that best suits their needs and preferences.