Cutlery Bundle

Cutlery Bundle here at Uni bulk offer enormous savings compared to your supermarkets. Perfect for larger student accomodations as there are 12 units per cutlery product. Even though you get 12 units per product you still wont find these items cheaper! Cutlery is a very important item and not often part of your accomodation package so therefore you may have to supply your own. We have all the cutlery items you need in 1 simple bundle, Knife, Fork, Spoon & Tea Spoon perfect for stirring that hot Tea or Caffiene filled Kawfee (Coffee) pot. If your now looking for the complete Cutlery bundle then weyou are in the right pace as we also sell these 4 items individually. So just a dozen of each ready for you to buy! We also have access to higher grades of Stainless Steel Cutlery so if your looking fo rBead, Harley, Manhatten or others let us know!

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