108 Soooo Soft Toilet Rolls 2ply White

£27.98 £20.99

33% off



108 Toilet Rolls per bundle


108 Soooo Soft Toilet Rolls 2ply White

108 Soooo Soft Toilet Rolls 2ply White packed into one parcel to save every Student money. This toilet roll bundle has fast become our essential buy offering a saving of 33%. At 25p per Roll your sure to have a great bargain but dont forget to add your further Discount code. Each roll is made from bulky soft tissue to enhance the softness of the tissue. 108 roll of 200 sheets toilet rolls means you have 21,600 sheets of that should last you and your housemates quote a long time. Not long enough i hear you say? Well then, if your looking for a longer roll and you’re environmentally conscious then look no further than our Desna Eco 100% Recycled Toilet Roll which offers a whopping 34,560 sheets per bundle. If you’d like to find out more abour Densa Eco Rolls visit Desna Products here.

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So your here at Uni Bulk Buy looking for a great deal and savings for your student accommodation, hopefully you have found what your looking for and we’ve sved you a few quid! Working with NUS Extra we dont want you to miss out on future deals and offers so if you havent signed up already then we advise that you do so as to not miss out on further Deals and Discount Codes. At Uni Bulk Buy we work closely with NUS Extra to find out what you Students need more. Cheap Toilet Rolls, Bargain Kitchen rolls, Bulk Buy Essentials and Cleaning products, all the stuff your accommodation needs, so here you can shop in bulk to take the headache out of having to pop round to the shop every day to pick up bits and bobs wasting valuable study time whilst saving money at the same time.


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