Kitchen Bundle 1

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1x Cater Cling 300m x 300mm (Boxed)
1x Cater Foil 75m x 450mm (Boxed)
200 x Black Bin Sacks
12 x Washing Up Liquid
120 x All in One Dishwash Tablets

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Kitchen Bundle 1

Kitchen Bundle 1 is our best selling basics package and perfect as a Student Kitchen Pack for Starters. This bundle includes 1 Roll of 300m Catering Cling Film with a 300mm width. 1 Roll of Catering Catering Foil 75m long with 450mm width. 12 Clean and fresh washing up liquids. 200 Black Bin Bags and 120 Glaze All in One Dishwash Tablets. The caterfoil and cling film in this bundle is not your high street value range, this range is used by catering professionals across the country and is heavy duty. Our washing up liquid is manufactured by McBrides, one of the UK’s largest products of detergents that contract manufacture for major supermarkets across the world. Our All in One Dishwash tablets may not be a high street brand but are just as good as any brand with a lemon fresh fragrance and a built in rinse aid and a soluble wrapper so you dont have to touch the tabet itself! for a more enhanced bundle take a look at our complete bundle.
A great addition to your Kitchen Bundle 1 would be our new Moka Kawfee Pot available in 3 vibrant colours. They are a simple to use Coffee making pot with the special offer bonus of a Filter Coffee pouch thrown in for free. This is a limited offer while stocks last so order now for that extra tasty and refreshing Cup of Coffee! Each pot make approx 4-6 standard cups, depending on your cup size.

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