Standard Toilet Roll Offers!! Hey, we all need them so we’ve listed a few amazing options. Soooo Soft 2ply with a whopping 54 rolls per case seems to be our most popular product. Soooo Soft 2ply is available in several options in mixed bundles of just toilet roll bundles. For the best value options you need to 216 Soooo Soft option this is a perfect sized bundle to keep you in stock for many weeks. Depending on your house share size that is? See for yourself thou and feel free to mix options as we also selll pelnty of Soooo Luxury and Desna Rose, both being 3ply toilet rolls for that little extra softness and comfort on your botty! Oh, dont forget the branded options like Andrex, if you think that brand sar the best then the option is ther for you, it’s your choice! Whatever you choose though we hope you find great savings on your Standard Toilet rolls here at Uni Bulk Buy.


Standard Toilet Rolls

40 Desna Rose 3ply Toilet Rolls