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Minimising the cost of University.

Minimising the cost of University for Students

Plenty of students talk about and are confused by the costs of going to University, are student loans like any other debts? How much will going to Uni cost over three or four years and so on. The biggest upfront costs of moving to University, either internationally or in your home country is not covered […]

Graduate Assessment Centre Tips

Graduate Assessment Centre tips for Students

You’ve spent the past 3 or 4 years working hard at Uni, being skint (spending your student loan on nights out rather than books possibly?! I’m not judging, I’ve been there!!) and now your time there is coming to an end. What next?! It’s usually a toss-up between going travelling or entering the scary world […]

Essential Things Every Student Needs..

3 Essential Things Every Student Needs

Essential Things Every Student Needs before you leave home! It’s a very exciting time for newbies when taking their next step towards leaving home for the Student Life! It can also be a nervous and slightly daunting task making sure you’re completely organised. Here we’ve listed 4 essentials to ease the stress and make sure […]