6 Travel Safety Tips for Women When Travelling Alone

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Traveling is sometimes better done alone. Having to experience another culture and be immersed in what a totally new and different land offers you can be fulfilling when you’re all by yourself. At least, with solitary travel, you don’t have to worry about other things. There’s no one to wake up when you have an early flight. There’s no one to share all the deliciously exotic dishes you get to try. And finally, there’s no one annoy you about getting the best shot to post on social media. When you’re all alone traveling the world, you get to form your own perspective on how beautiful it truly is.

There is, however, a bit of a downside when traveling alone. When you’re going to different places all by yourself, there’s no one there to ensure your safety with you, especially if you’re a woman. You’re going to have to protect yourself, which can be a bit challenging, but with these 6 tips, it’ll be a lot easier to do.

Bring Safety Gear

It’s important to remember that every place in this world has its fair share of good and bad people. The latter ones will most likely victimize solo tourists since you’re less aware of the place and if you’re in a foreign country, people there won’t instantly understand your calls for help. To avoid or even pacify any situation wherein you’re suddenly victimized, bring some safety gear with you. This includes whistles, electric tasers, a swiss knife, and practically anything you can use against an attacker. It’ll also help if you learn how to use them and get a few self-defense lessons before going on your trip.

Meet New People in Public

One of the best parts about traveling around the world solo is getting to meet new people. Whether they’re locals of the destination or fellow travelers, you get to learn a lot with the people you meet. But in this day and age, a good percentage of the people you’re introduced to and will meet on your trip can be from online, and not everyone presents themselves accurately through this medium. If you’re keen on meeting some that you know just from online, meet them in a public place. It’s always safer to meet strangers in more public areas as you’re less vulnerable there and you can easily get help when you’re suddenly attacked.

Always have Cash with You

Remember that not all places accept credit cards. In fact, the number that exclusively accepts cash is far greater than that of those which only accept credit cards. A lot of them can even be in sketchy areas where, even though that part of town is creepy, the establishment itself isn’t. This includes cheap hostels and local restaurants that serve delicious food, spas and self care treatment spots offering Yoga. You shouldn’t have to exclude yourself from experiencing them, but in order to have a safe way out of there, you can easily hop on a taxi when you have the cash to pay for it.

Learn Some Local Phrases

Learning some local phrases of a foreign country you’re visiting can immensely help you stay safe during your trip. Apart from the basic greetings and pleasantries, make sure you’re also aware of what to say when you’re in need of help. A few weeks before your trip, memorize them or write them down on your travel journal so that you can instantly say them when you need to. Subsequently, it’s also important that you find out the local numbers of hospitals and police stations-these will be incredibly helpful to you as well. Research all of these thoroughly online before flying off and you’re guaranteed a much safer trip

Always have Your Phone with You

In relation to the last tip, it’s always better to have your phone with you wherever you go. This is especially if you’re traveling within the more private and sketchier parts of the city, as well as when you’re hiking on nature trails or staying in the countryside. These days, a simple dial can change your entire experience on this trip. Before heading off from your accommodations, charge them thoroughly and make sure they have enough batteries to last the entire day. It’s also wise to buy a local sim card so you can easily call local hotlines that can help you with any situation.

Wear Comfy Shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes is not only a travel hack, but it’s a safety tip as well. Firstly, when you’re suddenly attacked or you feel as if you’re about to be attacked by a stranger, you can instantly run as fast as you can away from them when you have comfy shoes on. The flatter they are, the faster you can escape any dangerous situation in a snap. Also, when you’re hiking, camping, or doing any sort of physical activity in nature, comfy shoes can help you avoid all sorts of life-changing and threatening accidents. They’ll also be easier to pack anyways so bringing them along will be a breeze.

Even in this age of the #MeToo movement, being a woman traveling the world alone can still be pretty dangerous. Fortunately, following these tips and more can ensure you a safer time gallivanting from country to country. Just remember to always put your safety first before doing or going to any place that you’ve never been to before.

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