Essential Things Every Student Needs..

3 Essential Things Every Student Needs

Essential Things Every Student Needs before you leave home! It’s a very exciting time for newbies when taking their next step towards leaving home for the Student Life! It can also be a nervous and slightly daunting task making sure you’re completely organised. Here we’ve listed 4 essentials to ease the stress and make sure you prepared for that big move.

Washroom Essentials

Nobody wants to arrive at their new accommodation without the Bathroom Essentials. So you’ve been on the road for hours and finally you get to your digs, it’s late, you and your mum & dad have just unloaded your car and you Dad says “I just need to pop to the loo before we leave” DOH!! you think, and so does your dad!! You forgot the Loo Roll. Well that doesn’t need to be a reality as you can bulk order your Loo rolls from UnibulkBuy.  At Unibulkbuy you can pre-order and arrange for a specific delivery date direct to your student accommodation. Buying in Bulk also helps save you money & time so you can relax and enjoy your student life and use the extra time for studying or partying? A product that offers great value for money would be our biggest recommendation is the 216 Case Toilet Roll Bundle @ only 24p when you use our further 30-40% Discount Code, you can’t beat that for a like for like product anywhere and that includes delivery! Don’t forget the basics like Soap, Shower Gel, Shampoo & Conditioner. You’d be amazed at how many students forget to basics like Bath Towels and Shower mats. You can also have your toiletries shipped to your digs so you dont have to worry about nipping out to the local shop for shower gel or shampoo! Check out our Best Sellers for all your student needs.

Kitchen Essentials

Who’s turn is it to buy the Kitchen Rolls or where’s the Washing Up Liquid will be regular topics in your Student Digs. Group buying is a must for shared accommodation. If everyone chips in with the cooking, cleaning, washing up and buying then its simple and easy to spread the costs too. There are many options for Kitchen Essentials from basic Kitchen Roll packs to Kitchen Bundles which include the essentials like, Kitchen Rolls, Washing Up Liquids, Bin Bags, Foil and Cling Film. Our Essentials Bundle from Uni Bulk Buy offers this and more with savings of 33% and if you use their Monthly Discount codes you can save even more. You can find further Discount Codes at NUS Extra if you have signed up for your TOTUM Card.
With a lot of accommodations you will find they have the basic kitchen items already to use like Cutlery and Crockery. If your like me and prefer your own then you can buy complete cutlery sets or individual sets from Uni Bulk Buy at a fraction of the cost of high street stores. Pots and Pans, Tea Towels, Sweeping Brushes should all really be shared among the house mates for fairness so sit down with a glass of wine or pint and discuss the finer points and split the bills equally.

Kitchen Utensils

Uni Bulk Buy have added 3 new Kitchen Starter packs including a basic 10 piece set, a 24 piece set and a complete 28 piece starter pack to suit all budgets and needs. Our 10 Piece Basic Kitchen Pack includes a Tea Spoon, Table Knife, Table Fork and Dessert Spoon. a 280ml Mug, 1 6 inch Oatmeal for your cereal. A 6.5″ Wide Rimmed Plate, 10″ Wide Rimmed Plate, Red Heavy Tea Towel, Duralex Provence 250ml Tumbler for juice and soft drinks. Our 21 piece complete kitchen pack offers so much more so take a look and tell us what you think! **NEW PRODUCT** We have just uploaded our newest product to Uni Bulk Buy, we now offer Starter Kits for when you’re moving into your new accommodation. Take a look at our new range of Pots and Pans and kitchen Utensil starter kits.

TOTUM, NUS Extra Card

The thought of moving away form home with just a few quid tototum powered by nus extra spend in your pocket can be a daunting time but a great time for you to learn how to be savvy with your money and outgoings. Student Discounts and Voucher Codes are a must if you want to be a thrifty shopper. We’d highly recommend you start off by purchasing your TOTUM card that immediately gives you huge savings on many high steet stores and big name retailers including Prezzo, Pizza Express & Zizzi. Sign up now to benefit from some amazing discounts.

Bulk Buy Toilet Roll

We know you can buy toilet roll pretty much anywhere, local discount shops, bargain basement shops, pound shops and even diy stores and stationary suppliers but your high street only offers you a 4 pack, 12 pack or a 18 pack. At uni bulk buy we have bulk buy bundles, ready made to offer savings. Toilet Tissue Paper bundles ready to ship out to your door. Take the stress out of having to pop down to the local corner shop for a cheap and cheerfull, sand paper feel toilet paper. We recommend our All our Toilet Rolls for a great bulk buy option

Essential Things Every Student Needs

So to round up with what we think are the essential things every student needs to start off on their long journey of student life. It’s a time of adventure and learning so try your best to chill out and enjoy it, as they say, they are the best days of your lives, unless you run out of Toilet Rolls 🙂

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