Face Masks: How to Safely Use Them In Public


Why wear face masks in public?

Following the Prime Minister’s speech on Sunday night, we have seen people in England flock back to work this week. Although it’s a positive step towards returning things to normal we all know the risk of contracting the virus is still high whilst out and about. Based on notes to NHS and Care home staff, the government current guidelines indicate that face masks can provide some form of protection if the wearer is more than 1 metre from an infected person. Flashback to the beginning of this outbreak, much of the talk in the Western world was of how wearing a face mask was a cultural issue, and the countries we associated with this were those in the continent of Asia. However, this is slowly changing and it’s becoming a reality in the UK too as we follow suit of what our neighbours are doing across the channel. As the saying goes, “it’s better to be safe than sorry”. We have seen a few European countries like Germany including face mask and other PPE as part of their lockdown exit strategy which sounds reasonable when you know you might be rubbing shoulders with people in public space like the trains, buses, shops, etc and where social distancing cannot be exercised in practical terms.

Whats the government advice on face coverings?

Face coverings are intended to protect others against transmission of COVID-19 if you the wearer are asymptomatic (you have coronavirus but haven’t started showing the symptoms and are infectious to others you have close contact). Many scientists have argued that masks can disrupt the trajectory of droplets as a result of coughing or sneezing as evidence produced in recent studies indicate that droplets can travel more than 26 feet and at the same time aerosols which are gas like and small particles can stay afloat and suspended in the air before the eventually settle on surfaces. This is based on a recent study by MIT which shows a simulation of the distance travelled by sneeze particles. This is why wearing a mask and following social distancing, rules could be crucial.

What face mask option can I order today?

We have identified key areas the majority of us will not be able to avoid especially if we work in big cities where the main mode of transport involves using the train, underground tubes, trams, buses, and enclosed shopping areas. Most homemade face coverings offer little filtration protection and even worse most people don’t know how to use face masks.

  1. Surgical or Disposable 3ply face mask

3ply Disposable Face Masks
Surgical masks are made to be disposable therefore, effective use of this is critical to maintaining high levels of safety to yourself. Once you remove it from covering your nose and mouth you need to dispose of it. We normally see people removing them to go for a smoke or move them down their chins to answers a phone call, that will be counteractive and you might pick germs that have settled on your face/chin and breath them in when you put that moist mask back on your airways. Therefore, unless you are ready to dispose of it, keep it on, and if you remove it please get a fresh new mask.

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