Moka Coffee Pot

Moka Coffee Pot

We don’t know many student’s who dislike a nice cup of Coffee, that little extra perk up while your studying through the night while catching up on revision. Obviously, we at Uni Bulk Buy would not recommend drinking too much caffiene of too many cups of Coffee per day, 4-5 cups is more than enough in our opinion! We’re amazed at how many Coffee lovers ave never heard of our Moka Coffee Pot that we have named Kawfee. Our Moka Coffee is a manual stove top coffee maker that makes up to 6 cups of Espresso, depending on your preferred cup and portion size. You can use your preferred Ground Filter Coffee like Lavazza 1kg to make your perfect brew.

Moka Coffee Pot Brewing Guide

How to brew your coffee using a Moka Coffee Pot. Since we have had our Moka Stove Top Coffee Pots we have a few varying opinions as to how to best brew the coffee. Each to their own is what we say but a great guid to brewing can be found at Blue Bottle Coffee. They offer a simple step by step guide to brewing from start to finish. Your welcome to have your say by posting a comment below and share your experience about Stove top Coffee makers. What type of Filter Coffee do you prefer? What strength Coffee do you use, do you add Milk, Sugar, Marshmallows. We’d love to hear how you like yours so we can share the knowledge and more importantly so we can all enjoy a better cup of Coffee.

Kawfee Moka Coffee Pots.

Now your talking!! We have introduced 3 colours of Kawfee Moka Coffee Pot to our range so we should have a pot to suit your trendy pad? Espresso Maker Moka Pot Black is by far our most requested pot for some reason but Cadet Blue is our Favourite here. We didnt go for the boring Stainless Steel option this time but have your say and tell us what you prefer.

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