how it works


For now, we will request article headlines that we want written, you will have the freedom to research and write the post. For each article, we will request the amount of words required. We’ll then peruse your work and if we think it’s what we’re looking for we’ll publish it.

We look for each article to be a approx 2,000 words for a standard post and anything over 3500 words for an essential blog post.

whats in it for you


Why spend a few hours of your day writing blog posts for Uni Bulk Buy? Well it’s simple. We offer a few options, that all important back link for a lot of bloggers is usually more than enough. For paid articles we offer 1p per word so the total will depend on the post you write. We’re happy to discuss this further if you wish to contact us.

You can see an example of a guest blog from Kathy 216 Soooo Soft 2ply Toilet RollsGallo @ Daily Cuppo here. With a simple back link request.

Write for us and we’ll give you 216 Soooo Soft toilet rolls worth £52.39. As you can see, the options are here to discuss.

the writers we want


Anyone who is or has ever been a student is the perfect writer for Uni Bulk Buy. They would have the knowledge we’re looking for to inform others of their experiences.
We’re not looking for a full time writer, we only want articles when and needed.
You don’t have to be a professional writer, but we would want our writers to use correct English spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

We want writers to know a little about student life and put time into researching topics of interest.

Experienced or novice, we will make our decisions to publish based on the quality of the article. 


Fill out the below form with some basic information as requested.

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